Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 10 Writing Tips for Toefl And Paper English Language Test.

1. Create a list of well-known topics - First, I think one main idea or opinion on any topic and then think of a few points that support this idea or opinion. When you first start working this, take at least forty five minutes to plan, write and check each essay. Once you improve, you should be able to do this within a half hour or less.

2. Write each word in full – No use abbreviations! Although you may want to save time, cuts like u for you are not qualified for TOEFL writing. Keep these abbreviations for English Chart room.

3. Keep your sentences simple. Only use big words and complex language, if you know how to use them! Although it looks impressive to show your power of English, if you make grammatical errors or misuse of compound words, it can actually decrease your score.

4. Make sure your essay has a structure with a strong introduction, body paragraphs and a end that unite our thoughts.

5. Do not try to write too much - most TOEFL IBT essays 4-5 points. If you try to write more than that, you will have less time to check for errors or properly plan your answers. Writing too much haste also increases the chances of errors.

6. Become confident with paraphrasing. Read essays, daily English lessons, And newspaper articles and writing practice what you read in your own words (this is paraphrased). You will receive a score of zero, if you simply copy the words from the read channel.

7. Take some time to make sure you fully understand the questions - you do not want to rush into the essay only to find that you are halfway misunderstood and have to start all over again.

8. Give details and examples to support your views - to support his assertions with reasons to explain why you feel this way. Increase your vocabulary and learn their synonyms instead of using the same words again and again.

9. Use your time properly. Facts and observations use the present tense. For example, “sun screen is essential if you will be exposed to the sun “or “I think everyone should be tolerant of other cultures." When describing past experiences, use the past tense. For example, “When I was a kid, I loved to play outside." For more help on grammar and times, visit our grammar.

10. Write in English every day. Write in a journal to be included in an English, forum, find friends to write English and participate in English. The more comfortable you are writing in English, the better your essays will be, as your ideas will flow more easily and will have a larger vocabulary of different topics.

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